ai trading


‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) Trading Bots have been proved to be effective with many investors having their capital at minimal risk and profiting without having to actively trade themselves. With our years of experience in the cryptocurrency markets, we have been able to create our own AI trading bots with the intent of having globally executed trades in multiple mainstream cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Cardano etc.) We have devoted a lot of time and worked with numerous coders/developers to create this and we have implemented measures for the bot to operate at the best capacity (subject to market conditions).


The MoonMiners’ very own ‘Artificial Intelligence’ bots have been designed to operate in all market conditions where they are suited to take both long and short positions with automatic daily trades depending on the signals and trends within the market. To maximise the trades our bots execute, we implemented diversified strategies in order for the bots to manage the capital well and better the profit produced whilst minimising the risk induced by the cryptocurrency market.

Even with high volatility present within the cryptocurrency market, we have created our AI trading bots with a high frequency trading algorithm to identify small indicators to predict short term direction of an asset and perform in the various markets at the maximum potential and so, lessen the impact of the cryptocurrency market. We do not believe in taking large risks for higher rewards so that our investors as well as our own capital and profits are protected to the greatest extent possible. With the MoonMiners’ AI Trading Bots, we hope to create a practical and safe way to carry out day and weekend trading whilst maximising profit.